Process Mining Excellence

Powered by "Celonis... the market leader in process mining" - Gartner

MiPath is backed by a strong partnership with Celonis, the acknowledged world-leading process mining suite.  As the only dedicated consulting partner and reseller of Celonis in the Australia and New Zealand region MiPath is well placed to assist your business leverage the full power of your data and value of your ERP investment.

With a successful track record delivering process excellence to large Australian entities, MiPath employs a dedicated Celonis team of highly qualified and experienced local professionals.

Certified Celonis Analyts and Engineers
Process Optimisation, Best Practice
Reduce Risk, Change Management
Minimise Risk in Delivery
Certified Celonis Reseller
Process Building Blocks, Fully Scalable
Certified Celonis Reseller Team
Remove Process Friction
Implementation Partner
Process Mining
Dahboards, Analysis
Business Value, Cost Saving